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    "what / how does it look like?"


    I would like to have an explanation about the difference between"what does it look like?" and "how does it look like?"

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    Re: "what / how does it look like?"

    Here are a few examples. Can you find the pattern?

    Max: Can you hand me my book?
    Sam: What does it look like?
    Max: It's blue and it has a picture of Einstein on the cover.


    Max: Sam, is that a new haircut?
    Sam: Sure is. How does it look?
    Max: Uhm, are you cold? It looks way too short.
    Sam: You should have seen the guy before me.
    Max: What did he look like? How did he look?
    Sam: He looked like a soldier. It was really short. He got a buzz-cut!


    Max: I just bought this hat. (Putting on the hat) How does it look?
    Sam: It looks great! You look like a rap star.
    Pat: Actually, you look like a fool. It covers half your face. Take it off.

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