Hello, I am currently applying to university and would realy love to get some feed back on my motivation letter to make it as best as it can be :) thank you so much !! Dear Mr ---,
I am applying to your Bachelor program of "Fine Arts" with specialization in "Fashion" starting
in September 2012. My career ambition is to become an innovative fashion designer of my
My desire to study at the Royal Academy of Arts in fashion reflects my interests not only in arts
and fashion but mostly self expression and its approach to popular culture. I have always been
greatly interested in todays society and its standards. I am drawn to reveal a different point of
view through a satire of the typical and common ideas of mass appeal. What motivates me is the
discomfort and unacceptance of the unknown that the masses manifest. I am very passionate to
rise above the popular standards by presenting a very curious experimental nonconforming point
of view.
Due to my fascination with the concepts of image, self-expression and perception, after the
completion of secondary school, I enrolled into a three year fashion design program at ---
College in ---. There I’ve acquired an extensive background of technical and graphic skills
making it an excellent pathway towards my future goals of creating innovative fashion.
Generally in my projects, I manifested curiosity in experimental techniques of construction and
unusual materials. This curiosity pushed my final “creativity project” to be showcased during the
--- fashion and design festival in 2010. My interests in societies led me to work for the college’s
costume history department during my studies. Through intensive contact with historical fashion
publications, I’ve learned about the progression and evolution of appearance and its factors
throughout the decades. My preoccupation with self expression also led me to enroll in extra
classes in art history and observational drawing at --- College in ---.
After the completion of my degree, I was curious about working in the fashion industry and its
realities. I enrolled with one of the leading Canadian apparel companies as a junior designer. I
was part of a design team and was exposed to team work, the process of mass production, time
management of intensive hours, perseverance and hard work. The mass appeal of this experience
crafted my career path into an anti-fast-fashion appeal. This led me to work at a couture costume
studio which satisfied my need of creation through projects of handmade costumes for Cirque du
Soleil. This experience was very enhancing due to its creative process, originality, eccentricity
and handmade techniques.
Parallel to school and work, I am passionate about personal project collaborations with other
designers that lead to new ways of self expression. I took part in a project called “RAN-DHUM”
consisting of four designers creating from the same source of inspiration without any
consultation, resulting in a uncontrolled experimental styling and final result. My innovative side
pushed me to collaborate with interior designer and founder of --- STUDIO, upon a smart
furniture piece that meets innovation, practicality and durability.
As a committed, skillful and hard-working person with a creative personality and an array of
experiences in the field of arts and fashion, seeking experimental innovation and breaking of
boundaries, with an interest in today’s cultures and respect of the past, I believe I am a great
candidate for the bachelors program in fashion.
Enclosed you will find my resume and portfolio.
Thank you for taking the time to consider my application. I eagerly await your decision.
Yours sincerely,
Paulina B.