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    non-discretionary project


    I know my question may be too technical, but I still hope somebody can help me

    If an investment project is called non-dicretionary - what is meant by that? I do not have any ideas but one: that a project is attributed to those that should not be broken into parts...
    I was also given a version that it may mean a project having no options as to its implementation, but I don't know exactly.
    I would greatly appreciate your help, friends!

    Thanks in advance

    your CC

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    Re: non-discretionary project

    If something is discretionary, it is not guaranteed- for example, a discretionary grant is given, or not, at the choice (discretion) of whoever is responsible for making the decision. therefore, i would assume that this meant that the project is mandated and the amounts involved are fixed. Does that make sense?

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    Re: non-discretionary project

    Thanks tdol!

    Yes, that does make sense! So the version about no options was right! I was also exlained later on by a native English speaker here that "a non-discretionary" project is opposed to a project that can be implemented in alternative ways, say, the financing schedule can be changed, or the scope of works etc. So I think you are quite right here - that's a kind of a "fixed" project.

    Thanks again for your help!


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