Early this morning, I heard a touching story about a man who gave his whole life in charity, as I was listening, I kept thinking: oh gosh, that is exactly what I want to do. But I'm sure I am not able to be such a great person. I haven't searched about this famous man yet, but I'll tell you what I heard.
He was a famous actor who grew up on a farm, his childhood was very poor, after he became famous, he contributed most of his money earning from movies, shows to orphanages, farms, then, you won't believe this, he rode a bike as opposed to drive a high-price car, rented a very small house as opposed to buy a fancy villa, and what is more incredible is sometimes he just had instant noodle for meal since he gave most of his money to charity !
Too bad, now he is dead, there were many people came to his funeral. And I think that his parents, family, and friends would be so proud of him, and be proud to have such a son or friend. What I'm saying is , isn't it great to live that way ? help people as much as we can, not for vanity, reputation, or anticipate getting any benefit from the person we help, just do as if a responsibility of ours.

Could you please check if there is any error in this essay for me ? Thank you in advance.