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    Conjunction Confusion

    I am living in Australia, I learned a little bit of grammar back in country where I came from. After listening to Australian English I am feeling like I am going to lose theory which I learned in English.

    For example: "Put this money into my credit card" - This how I learned.

    But Australians say " Put this money on my credit card"

    Which one is correct? I am totally confused on using Conjunction. What is the best way to learn the right thing?


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    Re: Conjunction Confusion

    * Not a teacher

    I think you got it wrong from the beginning. It's "on my credit card". This is also true in UK/US English as far as I know. I have never heard "into my credit card" before.

    Edit: Maybe you wanted to say "into/in my bank account".

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    Re: Conjunction Confusion

    English_learn - 'into' and 'on' are prepositions - not conjunctions.


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