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  1. mohammad


    Hi, everybody

    1) Chase thing <= it's difficult to pronounce “th" when it's precede by "s"
    How should they be pronounced?

    2) How does a native speaker pronounce “these things” it’s such a difficult word to pronounce?

    3) Sack of dander (I know it needs context but your guess is appreciable)
    4) What you call mouse’s young?

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    Re: help

    hi mohammed

    1 and 2, i attached 2 mp3 files.

    3 "sack of dander" is not a saying in english. the only usage i could find is in Garfield the Movie,

    But there you are, "live from the Hague", and I'm here working with this sack of dander on a dead-end regional morning show.

    i haven't seen the movie but I can tell that sack of dander is probably referring to a cat. the cat is the "sack". sacks hold things. dander is the skin or hair of an animal which causes allergies.

    4 pinky is the word for a mouse's young. it isnt commonly used unless the person is familiar with the subject. most people would say baby mouse.
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    Re: help

    That mp3 file is excellent!

    "chase thing". How should they be pronounced?
    "th" is interdental, [s] is alveolar, and for some speakers it's dental. Either tongue position will work. Pronounce [s], then insert the tip of your tongue between your teeth while maintaining the stream of air: [s] + [th].
    Now try, "mass thought."

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    Re: help

    Sorry can't help you with the first 3, but for number 4:

    Mouse / Mice

    Male = buck
    Female = doe
    Baby = pup, pinkie or kitten
    Group = horde, mischief

  4. mohammad

    Re: help

    Hi Everybody

    Thank you so much you made absolutely clear

    Chase thing <= when I pronounce it fast unwittingly I omit “s” I mean I pronounce it chathing. Is it right?

    In pronouncing “th” in “these things” I should pronounce it “D” or “Z”? (of course it’s not Z but a weak Z) in mp3 file I hear it D . let me say do i hear correctly?


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    Re: help

    You'll notice the faster I say it, the s become less obvious but it is still there.I still make the alveolar s sound as casiopea said. I believe important to get the s sound in there. Don't worry about trying to speak as fast as a fluent speaker if you haven't got this down yet. Its perfectly acceptable have a slight gap in between the words to help your self complete the first word. Chathing sounds like a whole other word, chafing.

    In these things, when you say th your tongue will hit your upper teeth. When saying d or z or even a weak z that doesnt happen. Listen to the difference.
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