I hope it's better than before and better than ever.


As the darkness covered the sky, leaving nothing but a blur moon to barely shine, the heavy grey clouds began to gather, making an unearthly howl. Then suddenly, the lightning cracked and storm began, and from an igloo shaped cave, our story begins …
“At last, I have found it.” He shouted, holding the golden book that enlightened the cave which was lying on a violet stand before getting into the hands of, HE. He was standing on two shiny golden rods, which looked like an elephant's tusks. He looked at the book as if he had been waiting for a long time to get hold of it.
“Did you say you found it, well what were you searching for, master?? A soldier asked who was ugly, but better than the other four who were standing around the golden rods in a semi-circle order.
“Yes, I did say that I had finally found this little wretch because I have been searching for it for a long time, and I have finally got it back. Now it’s my chance to kill King Jordan and became the King of this planet.” He said as his eyes began to glow with differentcolours of light and then suddenly, his voice began to change. A cruel hard, unimaginable voice came out of his mouth as if the book had possessed him. From his back, a sign began to glow, a snowflake too bright that could make anyone blind who dares to look at it.
“Will you please tell me what is in this book; it looks as if there are some spells written on it.” The same solider, who questioned before, asked.
“Got that right, litter, this book consists of 12-death magic that makes the learner invulnerable. In addition, so am I, invulnerable.” He smiled a cruel smile, and the book in his hand began to be torn into pieces. HE took the torn book and ate it. At once, the HE began to glow, the golden rays began to release from each of his body parts.
“Are you mad, what are you doing, are you going to kill us? Do not dare.” One of the soldiers who were standing in the semi-circle shouted.
Then everyone except HIM, stuck wherever they were, eyes, mouth, tongues, looking at HIM like a century's old statues. He was still glowing, His changed voice, more dangerous, more cruel, and so was his face.
“I thought I should show you an example of my power before examining it on the empire.” HE said. His voice was not only his voice; different types of voices were coming out of his throat as if there were thousands of, HE inside him.
Then every eye around him, went numb, their eyes rolled down as if they were a revengy tear, feeling very hot and painful against the cheeks.
The cave shook, and HE disappeared laughing at the blinds, the cave began to soak in the world, the soldiers inside wanted to shout but were unable to, suddenly their hearts came out from the chests and the blood began to flow out in ribbons patterns. IN few minutes, there was not a single sign of the cave, as if it had never been there…
The clouds growled, and the blood rain began to pour on the city in the form of spray, making an unearthly mist.