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    I'll indulge myself with meat/sugar/beer.
    I'll indulge myself in some tennis.
    Are the prepositions interchangeable in the sentences above? Would there be other prepositions I could use in the same sentences, without a change in meaning?

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    Re: indulge

    For "indulging myself" I would probably use "with":

    - I want something sweet.
    - Go on then. Indulge yourself.
    - OK, but with what?
    - With a large bar of chocolate!

    However, I would say "I've been over-indulging on beer/chocolate". Note that even though it's "indulge myself" it's just "over-indulge" (without "myself").
    I think this is because "to indulge yourself" means "to give yourself a treat" but "to over-indulge" means "to eat/drink too much of something".

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