Dear Professor ******,

I am writing to apply for the PhD in Management at University of ***..

I graduated in Mass Communication in 2005 from *** University, ***. During mystudies I became very interested in strategic planning, its principles andassociated tools that allow the evaluation of potential risks and Monitorthe implementation of performance managementmethodology for all levels of operational andadministrative performance indicatorsidentified from thestrategic, operational and work on the reviewed and developed periodically..

In the context of Collect information anddata relating to performance, during my final year, I worked directly withvarious sectors and departments and work onthe analysis. (***Council, Spain) to Prepare reports identifyingperformance and discussion with all levels of management on a regular basis and prepare appropriate corrective recommendations for development and improvement., helping the decision makers to evaluate their localdevelopment plans, strategies and policies.

Once I completed my degree, I focused my professional career on the developmentof quality and Management in related to the homeland security. As I have alwaysbeen involved with this particular organization, I became aware of thebivalency between “strategic planning of Human recourses and built organizationexcellence.

In 200X, I came to England to do a Masters Degree in management at ***University. When developing my Masters´ dissertation, I applied my researchskills in a real case study in security of ****. It was a real challengeand a very interesting experience for me.

Since 200X, I have been working as a strategic planning Manager in *** and was responsibleof all strategic planning, Methodologies, With the launchof the first strategyand developments which have sufferedand the organizational structure, And the various tasks and duties, and the efforts of teams in the application of international standardsof quality to improve the overall performance. Support the team managementin the audit data initiatives on the accuracy of the operational plan.

Dealing with this typeof responsibilities, I have realized how important are (Studying Phd inStrategic management) in terms of How strategy influences organizationperformance and organizational excellence.

As the Division of Business at University *** has important research activitiesin these areas, I would like to have the opportunity to develop its PhD programmerin strategic Management, for which I am confident I have the skills,knowledge and competence.

I hope that I will have the opportunity to prove my abilitiesin the PhD’s program. I look forward to hearing from you in the near futureregarding the success of my application. Should you require further informationof any kind, please contact me.


N.B. : this what i recevied from them

a statement of at most two pages, written in English, explaining why you wish to continue your PhD studies and containing a description of you studies to date and a summary of my research interests .