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    Is this a clause?

    Mark wants to change the world, a vision that is grand.

    In the above sentence, what is:

    a vision that is grand

    Is this entire thing a phrase or a clause? I do understand that "a vision" is a phrase and "that is grand" is a dependent clause, but what would the entire thing be called as.

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    Re: Is this a clause?

    ***** NOT A TEACHER *****

    Hello, Rambharosey:

    (1) Another great question!

    (2) I think that your sentence might (repeat: "might") be a shorter way of saying something like:

    Mark wants to change the world, [which is] a vision that is grand.

    "which is a vision that is grand" would probably be analyzed as an adjective clause that modifies the whole sentence.

    (a) That is, "which" is a relative pronoun that refers to the idea of Mark's wanting to change the world (something that all of us

    want to do when we are young! When we get old -- like me -- we realize that it's hopeless).

    I am eager to see what the teachers tell us.


    P.S. I feel that "a vision that is grand" is a bit awkward. I should prefer something like:

    a truly inspirational vision.
    a vision that merits our deepest respect.
    a very touching vision.
    a vision that is shared by many idealistic young people throughout the world.

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