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    I have/had watched the movie

    --I didn't see you in the cinema last night. Why?
    --I ______ the movie. It isn't as good as I hoped.

    A. have watched B. had watched

    The given answer is 'had watched'. It seems reasonable to use the past perfect here because the action 'watched' took place before last night. But the sentence that follows use the 'now' time reference, so I should think 'have watched' seems fine too. Or should it have been 'It wasn't as good as I hoped'? Am I right?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: I have/had watched the movie

    The speaker could say either that it was not good as he hoped at the time of seeing it, or that, as it is still showing, it is not as good as he hoped.

    Incidentally, it is more natural to see a film at the cinema, and watch it on television.

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