Ad-Dabb is a cold-blooded vertebrate alligator-like lizard .It is unguiculate and of a spiky tail almost 30 cm long.Its color is wheaten--tan,tends to be bronzed .However, when Ad-Dabb is exposed to burning sunshines, its color shifts completely to the yellow color as its head still in blackesh wheaten.It always feeds on grasshoppers , some succulent herbs and insects.
Delivering eggs
When female is about to deliver its egges ,it digs out a slightly slope whirled deep burrow into the ground.It often delivers 70 pigeon-like eggs into the hole and bury them for 40 days . It frequently calls on the buried eggs to check if its dabblets--small dabbs, come out .
When Dabb comes out of its burrow , it is in a dim-sighted state.So, it gazes at the sun to clear up its vision and breathes cool breeze during wet weather.
Ad-Dubb’s burrow
Ad-Dubb is so forgetful that it digs out its hole in a solid spot very nearby a small pile of soil or a tree to be a terrestrial beacon so that it can head rapidly to the dug-out hole when it is out there for feeding and to avoid getting into a polecat’s burrow or monitor’s and or be a fat prey .It is said that Ad-Dubb lives out for 700 years sharing snakes and geckoes in this trait.Dubb does not drink water but it inhales wet cool breezes and eat lush herbs .The male has two identical sexual organs.As for the femal , it has two sexual slots .Ad-Dubb is always in affinity with scorpions .So,it receives them in its burrow as bodyguards so as to bite any hunter when he shoves up his hand into the burrow.It is said when small Dubbs come out of the hole , they inevitablely have to ride on their mother’s back.Otherwise, they will be delicious meal for their mother at once. It is said that Ad-Dubb excreta was used to heal leukoma .Eating its heart throws away sorrow from human soul. Ad-Dubb’s meat is naturally Viagra and powerful to human body.Its skin ws used in making sword sheaths.

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