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    Question A brief description of a keyboard

    Hello everyone,
    could you please check
    if there is any error in this short text?
    Thanks a lot...

    Most keyboards have four sections. The main keyboard has keys for each letter. It also has keys for punctuation and other common symbols. It is used for inputting all kinds of data.
    The function keys are located at the top of the keyboard. This keypad involve twelve keys, from F1 to F12. The function of the keys is not fixed and it depends on the running application. For example: many applications use F1 key for displaying the Help.
    On the right side of the typing area are placed editing keys. The editing keys are arranged top and bottom. The bottom keys are cursor keys, which let you to move the cursor. The functions of the top keys are different. There are keys for editing, deleting, screen moving and other.
    The fourth part of keyboard is situated far right. This part contains numeric keypad to input numeric data. This keypad include digits 0 –9 and basic mathematical operations like plus, minus, divided, timesand enter key.
    Many keyboards includes any special buttons for controlling multimedia,opening email client, opening internet browser and other.
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