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Vietnamese fans were extremely frenetic with the wholeheartedly performance of the five boys on stage.As was expected, at 14:00 today – 14/4, the super musical fair – Soundfest has officially took place at Phu Tho stadium, Ho Chi MInh city. So crowded were young people arrived early to claim their best position to watch the entire show. The special point is although there was light rain followed by hot sunny weather, people have rejected to leave their seat.And The Wall was the first artists to start the show with their songs:Different Day, Invisible, New, Crystal Rose, The Number Zero, Path to Glory Day. In first part, audiences were lived in the eventful atmosphere of Rock and Rap.It is undeniable that organizer have invested heavily in sound and light system… and also a LED screen for Vietnamese audiences to experience the show with international standards. Many audiences were very excited with the monumental extent of the Soundfest stage.Dinh Tien Dat performed next with his songs: Have fun with Mr. Dee, Chi Pheo, Homeless, Romeo Ballet and Traffic.Unlimited performed: The great circle of Vietnam, The Final Countdown, Wind Tomb, Live, Soul still exists.In part two, Thao Trang is the artist appeared and roused audiences. The special thing is below the stage, Hua Vi Van surprisingly appeared to support the show.Ha Okio continued the show with his familiar hits like: That place, Saigon and Iced Coffee Milk.Trang Phap was sexy and beautiful.Suboi has a character.About 6:45, the atmosphere at Phu Tho stadium was almost “on fire” when the van carried members of Big Bang had arrived at the show. Many fans were so eager waiting for the performances of Big Bang. However, at first, audiences were mix with the eventful atmosphere from other foreign artists.Immediately after landing at Phu Tho stadium, the hottest men of Soundfest did not let their fans wait any minute longer: Big Bangofficially got on stage, kicked off various performances from other foreign artists! Right when the sun was hottest, the stadium atmosphere may not have been ever hot like this. The boy group from YG were burning that place with Tonight, Hands Up and Lies, Bad Boy, Fantastic Baby.But the most impressive thing for fans at that time were the youngestSeungri continually “shot” Vietnamese words.While the Big Bang was performing Bad Boy on stage,audiences below have started pushing harder and harder which led to a chaotic state. The show had to be stopped halfway so the MC can persuade audience to calm down. However, nobody was listening to the MC talked but only when Big Band said “Back” in Vietnamese then people immediately retreated.After exactly 30 minutes performing, Big Bang officially got down from stage after six songs.

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