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    Please correct my writting
    Thank you
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    Re: writing

    Most mistakes are switching from singular to plural (and vice-versa) and a couple of spelling and punctuation errors:

    'Problems Between Generations'

    Today the differences (plural...) between generations is ( singular) very marked. It has (This has or There are) two reasons. First of all, today the young is (are) better educated, they have more money to spend, they become open-minded and don't accept their elder's idea blindly(they only have one elder with one idea? Not wrong, in fact rather poetic, but maybe their elders' ideas is what you wanted to say). They try to experience every thing (everything is better) and it itself (not 100% wrong, but sounds awkward, this in itself is better) make (makes) problems for them. the (The) second reasons (reason) is because of extensive media. Such as (media such as) internet, TV, magazins (sp. magazines), satellite, etc. (e)specially the World Wide Web which give(the World Wide Web, which all [not just the WWW] give...) extra information to the teens. These reasons make problems between generations more tangible. Reasons are explanations for things, they don't - by themselves - make something happen, but explain why something happens. Possible alternative: For these reasons, problems between generations are more tangible

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