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    grammar to discuss

    if i have a sentense like this
    unlike most europeans, many americans............
    1-used to eat of ceral for brakfast
    2-used to eating ......

    what is the correct answer and why
    plz answer me

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    Re: grammar to discuss

    ***** NOT A TEACHER *****


    We members are so happy to welcome you to

    You will find wonderful teachers (and eager non-teachers such as I) who are waiting to help you.

    But the teachers get rather upset if they think that a person wants the answer to homework.

    So I have a suggestion:

    Choose one of the answers. Then someone will tell you whether you were correct or not.

    So now you have two choices:

    Unlike most Europeans, many Americans are ....

    (1) used to eat of cereal for breakfast.

    (2) used to eating cereal for breakfast.


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