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    I need your help

    I am Mona and I am writing a research paper about how to be a fluent english speaker. I have finished the introduction and need some body to read and give his/ her criticism.
    All the best,
    How to be a fluent English speaker?

    With all this opening to all regions in the whole world, people need a common tool to communicate easily. Here comes the English language role to unify the world’s language, because using English enables many, from variant cultures, to communicate without difficulties. Therefore, many are thinking of how to be experts in speaking English? They think that it is too hard work or skill to obtain, although it is very easy to learn and practice. However, we can not still telling it is easy without doingfull steps to do so. Fortunately, there are variant steps can be followed to simplify speaking English fluently. These are: listening, reading, and practice.

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    Re: I need your help

    With all this opening to all regions in the whole world- With the opneing-up of regions to the whole world
    he English language role- the role of the...
    variant cultures- different
    many are thinking of how to be experts- many are wondeing how to become experts (no question mark)
    too hard work or skill to obtain,- too hard (delet the rest)
    we can not still telling- we cannot say it is easy without doing so ourselves
    variant- different ways that can...

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    Re: I need your help

    Hi Mr. TDOL,
    Thank you very much for your effective help. As I told before this is my research introduction, is its length appropriate or shall add? and can I send you the rest of the research when I finish to edit?
    All the best,

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    Re: I need your help

    Hi. I'm not sure if you have something arranged with the other respondent to your posting, but I am a professional proofreader and would be happy to help. I frequently work via email, so that wouldn't be a problem.



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