I would like to present my candidature for the quality controller in XXX GMBH. My experience is closely related with quality control. Working in a company which is a subcontractor of a large manufacturer of machinery harvesting I was responsible for quality control of manufactured components, mainly of steel. My work consisted in the measurements by using classical instruments, and also by coordinate measuring machines (measuring arm). Measurement were based on the documentation of the product and on the basis of Polish standards and European standards. Often I used software CAD, such as AutoCad, Inventor. I was responsible for measuring instrumentation, for keeping the documentation and help in maintaining the quality of the production of other employees of the company. Sometimes I contacted with quality control, in order to discuss the issue of quality.
At the same time, I was responsible for the preparation of production in three shifts for three ABCBC lasers. To my duties included programming, operating, maintenance and contact with the technical service. At that time, apart from knowledge about machines, I learned to organize my work and other staff, because I was responsible for training prospective operators.
Currently I am studying at Warsaw University of Technology, field of study: Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering. I get an engineering degree this year. I have theoretical and practical knowledge about quality control. I learn languages: English and German. My English is at an intermediate level and German at an primary level.
I am ready for business trips, trainings, change of residence. I am convinced that working in the XXX GMBH will provide me a lot of satisfaction, and I declare full involvement in work in this post.

I hope you will find a favorable consideration to my application

thank you in advance.