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Thread: Big problem?

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    Lightbulb Big problem?

    I am new student i want to practice my English but the problem is my teacher she pretended she did the too many exams and she said that: I am an expert teacher i got full marks and she said your accent is very bad but she cant value the students and some people advise me to learn (slang) i don't know what the meaning of slang i want to be pro in English can i ?
    and what the meaning of (ty) in slang can any one explain??
    thank you
    14 yrs old

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    Re: Big problem?

    The first thing to do is to change your teacher- if they are making false claims about their qualification, then get out.

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    Re: Big problem?

    "Ty" is "thank you" in text-speak. We are here to help you with proper English, not text.

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