I want to write a letter to the GM supporting one of my staff who is facing salary deduction-please see below(it is a rent a car company)


Please find attached a letter from Mr.XYZ raising objection to the decision of accounts department to deduct his salary. During July 2011, one of our customers came to replace an accident vehicle, and Mr.XYZ guided him to accounts department to pay excess insurance AED. 2000/-, and provided replacement vehicle presuming the customer has paid said amount to accounts. Subsequently, the accounts department found the money is not remitted but the customer is claiming that he has paid money to a sri Lankan national (customer unable to identify the person to whom he paid) but he misplaced the receipt. Based on the auditors probe, the accounts department has concluded that Mr.XYZ has received the money from customer and not remitted to accounts as such decided to recover the amount from his salary.

Mr.XYZ strongly condemns and opposes this recovery process as it is an obliteration of his image and loyalty to the company. He affirms strongly that he never received money from the customer instead, he just led the customer to accounts department to pay and also he claims that he never gave any statement to the auditors that he has received the money from customer.

In the view of above, may I kindly request you to look into this matter seriously and place an order to concerned personnel to reinvestigate this matter.