I am writing a paper in Linguistics and I’m badly in need of your assistance. I’ve got some problems with collecting data on the topic of my research paper, since I am really pressed for time L. Would you be so kind as to answer my questionnaire (and if it’s possible ask your friends or relatives to fill in their answers). Please, do help me !!!
Background Information
Age __________ Sex M / F Mother Tongue ________________________
[If a non-native speaker, rate your speaking ability: Excellent ____ Good____ Fair___Poor; Time spent in English-speaking community ________years, _______months)

Task [A] Directions: Please write your response in the blank area. Do not spend a lot of time thinking about what answer you think you should provide; instead, please respond as naturally as possible and try to write your response as you feel you would say it in the situation.

1. You take a good friend to the best pizza place in town on a busy evening. When the pizza finally comes, it’s cold. You call the waiter back.
You: __________________________________________________ _____________________________

2. You received your final grades. You were shocked that Professor X gave you a C. His class was one of your favorites and you had studied very hard. You had received an A on your report, so you don’t understand why your final grade was so low. You knock on the door of her office.
Professor: Come in.
You: __________________________________________________ _____________________________________

3. Yesterday you placed an order at the photocopy shop for 10 bound copies of your thesis. Today you must deliver all 10 copies to your evaluation committee by 12:00 noon. When you go to the photocopy shop at 11:00 am to pick up your booklets, the clerk, whom you recognize from one of your classes, seems confused and unaware of your request.
You: Hi, I’m ______[your name]. Do you have my thesis booklets ready?
Clerk: Hmmm. Uh, I don’t see anything here under your name.
You: __________________________________________________ ______________________

Task [B] Please put yourself in the following situations and imagine that you are Katie’s friend. What would your reaction be in each of them? Make sure you have read the whole situation carefully before you respond.
[If you feel that you would not say anything, please indicate that by writing “Silence”]

Katie: Sex: female, Age: 22, Employment: secretary,
Place: café; Degree of acquaintance with you: friends

4. Katie: ‘My stupid shoe, I only had it mended the other day and the heell’s just came off. I paid six quid for that heel!’
You_______________________________________________ _____________________________________
__________________________________________________ ________________________________

5. Katie: ‘God, this day is such a disaster. The milkman forgot to bring me any milk!’
You_______________________________________________ ______________________________________
__________________________________________________ ________________________________

6. Katie: ‘I had a terrible weekend with Charlie [he …]…It was awful! As soon as we arrived, he said he was going off to play golf. And then he asked: “How do you feel about helping out a bit while he was gone? So I said: “Of course”, and then he gave me this paintbrush and three pots of paint, and said I should get the sitting room done if I worked fast…’
You:______________________________________________ _______________________________________
__________________________________________________ _________________________________

Task [C]. Each of the questions in this task provides a description of a situation, followed by a number of responses. Please, evaluate each response separately on a scale from 1 to 3. (You can add some comments to your answers)
1-acceptable 2-more or less acceptable 3-not acceptable
Emma: Sex: female; Age: 23; Employment: secretary
Connor: Sex: male; Age: 25; Employment: marketing executive
Place: workplace; Degree of acquaintance: intimates

7). Emma has a feeling that her boss wants to fire her, because he asked her to come to his office. On her way to boss’s office Emma meets her boyfriend Connor: “I’m going to lose my job because of one stupid comment on one stupid plane ride…Why did I have to get upgraded? Why did I have to open my stupid mouth? I’m just a stupid, stupid blabbermouth!”
1)._____ Would you like to have a romantic dinner tonight?
2)._____ What did you want to be being a child? You have a chance to make your childhood dreams come true…
3)._____ Oh…..now you will have to clean stranger’s homes to earn a livingJ
4)._____ It has always been your problem! You talk too much and can’t keep your mouth closed!
5)._____ There is nothing to worry about. Calm down, everything will be OK!

8). You have just finished cleaning the house when your children/ brothers/ cousins (underline the item you have chosen) walk in with dirt and mud all over their shoes. You say:
a) ________ Out!
b) ________ Haven’t I told you a thousand times to take off your dirty shoes before you come in?
c) ________ Why do you have to make a mess all the times
d) ________ I can’t believe you. I just got through cleaning in here!
e) ________ I’m fed up! Clean this mess up!

9). You bought an expensive watch at an exclusive jewelry store. After a few months the watch stops working, so you take it back to the store. They tell you that this is an imported watch which they cannot fix. You say:
a) ________ If you can’t fix it, then I expect my money back!
b) ________ I would have expected better service from your store.
c) ________ You haven’t heard the end of this!
d) ________ I’m really surprised.
e) ________ You’ll be sorry about this.
f) ________ This is the last time you’ll catch me buying anything here!
g) ________ Can’t you do anything???
h) ________ I can’t believe this.

Task [D ] Please, put yourself in the following situations and imagine that you are Emma/ Kerry (please, read their profiles). What would your reaction be in each of the mentioned cases? Make sure you read the whole situation carefully before you respond.
Emma: Sex: female, Age: 23, Employment: secretary at Panther Corporation
Kerry: Sex: female, Age: 25, Employment: Kerry runs a travel agency
Place: Emma’s Parents’ house; Degree of acquaintance: relatives

11).Emma’s mother celebrates her birthday. All members of the family gather together. There are 3 people: Emma, her mother and her cousin Kerry in the kitchen. It seems to Emma that Kerry and her mother have more in common than Emma and her mother. Emma is present during an interesting conversation.
Emma: Can I do anything?
Kerry: I don’t think so…everything’s pretty much done. So I said to Elaine, she adds to Mum: ”Where did you get those shoes?”
Emma: Who is Elaine? She says trying to join in…
Kerry: At the golf club!
Emma: What happened next?
Kerry: Why are you always interfering with your silly questions? How can it possibly interest you if you’re not even at golf club! You’re such an annoying person!
Emma: __________________________________________________ ________________________________________

12). The time to give presents has come. Emma presented her mother with a pass to SPA for a whole day. But Kerry gave her aunt and uncle two tickets to Paris for two weeks. Kerry has done it on purpose , because she knew Emma’s plans and wanted to spoil Emma’s present and humiliate her in such a way.
Emma: “Kerry, you knew it. I told you I was giving Mum a spa treat. I told you! We had the conversation about it, month ago, in the garden!”
Kerry: “Did we? I don’t remember!”
Emma:_____________________________________________ _______________________________________________

Thank you for your time and effort!