Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to request admission into the Bachelor in Tourism Management program of *** University.

Throughout the past 5 years I have been trying to find out what would attract me the most as a lifetime profession, and while doing many different things, such as studying economics, doing social work, participating in different seminars and trainings, I have been working in the field of Tourism and Hospitality along with all the activities I did, thinking that it was an exciting and convenient way to earn for living.

Consequently, in the last two years I have come to conclusion that Tourism and Hospitality is actually the field where I would always be happy to work. I think back then I was concerned about doing a job that would be a support for my country, as Armenia is considered to be a developing country, and now what I see is actually Tourism and Hospitality is one field that needs many improvements in Armenia, thus, my professionalism in that field would be both beneficial for me and my country too.

Since early childhood I was keen to discover and learn new things, and for now “my world” has no boundaries and no longer is limited by tradition, language or distance. It is changed and developed because I am changing and developing. I believe the reason of growing this way was travelling, which is such a vital school. Hence, my skill to accept the diversities of the world gives me a chance to become a professional in a sphere that is so much full of everything.

I have worked as an administrator at a hotel for two and a half years. Now I work as a tour guide and I totally love my job. Working became a joy for me, so I am in no need any more to think what could be a perfect professional path for me, all I need now is studying Tourism and Hospitality, acquiring professional knowledge and gaining an appropriate degree, hence I find *** University the bridge which will link me with my future success and achievement. After completing the Bachelor’s Degree course I plan to acquire a Master’s Degree in Tourism Management.

I believe the Bachelor in Tourism Management program of *** University is the best course I can undertake at this stage of my life, because it is held in English language, the studies take only one year, the course gives great study opportunities, and it is in a wonderful European country ***. Therefore, undertaking the course will be a joyful and desired hard work and one of the biggest investments I could do for my life.

Thank you for considering my application.

Sincerely yours,