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    Bat goes flying!

    Dear all,
    When I was watching a baseball news on TV, I saw a very unusual scene. The batter swang and the bat, not the ball, flew in the air and fell into the stand. No one got injured, fortunately. At the scene, the announcer said, "Bat goes flying!"
    I'd like to ask the reason why he didn't say, "the bat goes flying". I thought my ears couldn't catch "the" because he said it very fast and short, so I cheked the scene in the vidoe clip below again and again. But it seems like he only said, "Bat goes flying" without "the". Didn't he say "the bat" becasue he didn't have enough time to say "the" in such a short period of time? Does this sometimes happen in sports coverage, where the announcer has to cover a series of instant events?

    Josh Hamilton Launched His Bat Into The Stands, And A Fan Caught It On The Fly

    Thank you!

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    Re: Bat goes flying!

    When you are taken by surprise, you don't take the time to weigh up your words.

    When my honorary grandson recently hit my sensitive parts with a baseball bat, I suppose I should have said, "Please do not hit my private parts with your baseball bat". What I actually said was unprintable. You'll have to take my word for it that I did not observe the rules of grammar, even though I am a native speaker, a teacher, a writer and a teacher trainer.

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