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    Wink ask for explication

    Hi all teachers.
    In this sentences
    "I'm a purveyor of rare and wondrous objects
    And would've done it too, if she hadn't taken a fancy to that locket."
    What is the meaning of a fancy to that locket

    "Send forth all legions."
    what is the meaning of send forth.
    Thank you very much all teachers.

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    Re: ask for explication

    The expression you are looking for is 'take a fancy'.

    As for 'send forth'... Perhaps you retired from teaching before the invention of the dictionary.


    PS I detect some influence from French. What you want is an 'explanation'.

    PPS Forgive me for not noticing this was your first post; I was a little brusque! ;-; 'Forth' is a nearly-extinct preposition that means, roughly, 'away'. It is chiefly seen in the collocations 'go forth' and 'send forth'.
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