Hello can anyone help me and first high light my errors in my paragraph and then correct it and explain a little about my errors.thanks(please help me as soon as possible)
this is my paragraph
thea musgrave
1 may2012
The student and the road to writing well
sara is a good student she know that most of the process of writting is re-writing ,so for each assignment he schedule plenty of time for studding, thinking, and writing .last week , for example ,he use his skills when she need to wrote a assignment for his EFL course .she think a bout the topic , planed carefully , and then began to wrote .she check the instructions from time to time. because he knew that she must not forgetting them as her ideas developed .sara worked back and forth between his outline and her draft , always thinking a bout the organization of his ideas .when she finish writting ,corrected errors of sentence structure , grammar ,mechanics ,and formatting .sent the assignment to she tutor on the due date .to celebrate , she make a cup of tea and read a novel ,then went for a walk