i received an C- on this assignment, my professors notes were; This is very vogue, I'm not sure if you understood the subject matter to make a definition essay. You must provide examples from the text to illustrate how the definition of the alienation is applicable to the metamorphosis.

The Metamorphosis

Was it a dream or reality, everything seems so distant and apart? It appears as the four walls have caved in, and Gregor lay there helplessly in the matrix of confusion. Throughout “The Metamorphosis” Franz Kafka is uncovering potential dangers of social rejection. Essentially, this metamorphoses leads to a Gregor separation form his family and previous life. Franz Kafka expresses Gregory’s transformation through numerous emotional and physical stages. The theme of alienation plays a huge role in the metamorphosis. Gregor Samsa is not only alienated from his body, but family and humanity in all.

One morning Gregor Samsa awoke from his troubled dreams, only to find that he has been transformed to enormous bug. While observing the world form a tiny perspective, there are going to be boundaries, and limits. Perhaps, the intended message from Franz Kafka is that as a bug, there is only so much that can be achieved. Additionally, a bug is always in isolation, struggling to survive, continually on a run, and in hiding from others. Perhaps, this physical alienation goes to show, how society will outcast those who look different. As the story goes on Gregor is completely isolated, and bounded by the four walls. Furthermore, a hospital that is within Samsa family’s reach isn’t an option for the family nor does it serve its purpose.

Only real emotional support that Gregor have had has been from his sister Grete, however, within time those emotions take on a different turn. Despite their closeness to each other, Grete and Gregor grow apart.
No longer reflecting about what might give Gregor some special pleasure, his sister now hesitantly shoved any old food into Gregor’s room with her foot before running off to work in the morning and at noon; in the evening, not caring whether the food had perhaps been just merely tasted or – most frequently – left completely untouched, she would sweep it out with a swing of the broom. (The Metamorphosis 41)

Gregor tries to reach out to the out side world, but his appearance is no longer acceptable by human eye. In one instance Gregor’s father brutally kicks him back to his room, and slams the door shot. Gregor doesn’t only feel alienated and rejected by physical appearance. Essentially, all the connections between the family members are cut off by disappointment, fear or anger. During crises families usually connect and bond together, it is the element of social body, the unbreakable cell. Perhaps, Franz Kafka reflects back on the past, before the transformation into a giant bug, and in the reality is that Gregor was only a source for income, in order to support Samsa family lavish lifestyle, and nothing more.

Gregor Samsa experienced absolute alienation, when his sister completely denied his existence. She said to her family, In front of this monstrous creature I refuse to pronounce my brothers name, and therefore I merely say: we have to try get rid of it. (Kafka 47) At that moment Gregor was no longer Gregor, but referred to as “ it.“ Essentially, he went through all the possible stages of alienation, and highest being death. Mentally, Gregor’s human qualities vanish slowly. Certainly, his thoughts wore very much as of a human, but unappreciated and unnoticed by humanity. His death was in fact the alienation; Gregor would have not been remembered and valued even after his death.