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    Lightbulb "Heard" and "have heard"

    hello,first I'm so happy to found this precious forum to help whom needs to get improving their english

    my question is ,I got confused bit between

    "I heard "
    is that mean I heard the news by myself and I'm telling you..

    "I have heard"
    and this mean I heard the news from people they heard the news and told me it..

    I ask native speaker and she told me If you heard it by yourself and you didn't agree you should use I have heard which I doubt in that which make me come and ask you guys..

    I hope you will accepted me as new member among you guys,and I hope to improve myself and help as much as I can ...

    thank you

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    Re: "Heard" and "have heard"

    No. Whether to use "I heard" or "I have heard" has nothing at all to do with where or how you heard something, or whether it is second hand news or not.
    They are different tenses. The determinant is when you heard it in relation to the present. Being a tense/time issue, it's a time marking.
    "I heard" is simple past tense; "I have heard" is present perfect.
    Have you studied these tenses?

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