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    Common mistakes I make


    Below are some sentences I am using on frequent basis. Please correct them if there is any mistakes. Thanks a lot ..

    What is the deployment date? It should be confirmed prior to things completed. I am looking for a bed sheet which should be 240cm length ,240 cm wide and 480 Thread count. Speaking jargon would put one in trouble.
    How to prevent from being lazy ?

    Who are productive people in the world? How do we become a productive? There is no software or process to become productive, but It is a way how we balance our life. Following four characteristics can be seen from most of productive people.

    1. They have a life they keep early morning or late night free and have fun outside of work. Generally they are great problem solvers, innovators and they always spend time to think about stuff which are not related to work.
    2. They take break- taking break is important to clear out our mind. Working longer hours without having a break is making our mind tired. It is reasonable to think that you will get more done if you work longer hours . It never happens , but we get stuck. Taking sometimes to walk around or have a coffee would make our mind so relax which will help to come up with a great solutions. Back in my high school life, if I stuck with any questions in particular in Maths I jumped to another question which would change my mind to another area. However , in few minutes I got the answer for the question which I was stocked with . I think it is because the question was processed in the brain even though I was paying attention to another question. I n summary taking breaks is a good way to be productive.
    3. Working in different environments : working in one environment would not help to learn new things and ideas. Productive people usually work in different environment which will help to understand new process and frameworks. Understanding new things will help to be productive.
    4. They have outside collaborative- when we have more connections with people that will help to share knowledge. The more connections you have the more you get help, It is a another way to be productive.
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