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    slowdown by indefinite exploration (?)

    Hi all,

    the curious cat is puzzled again :)

    I have come across this phrase in description of the project's risks and I cannot comprehend what it means, though I have an idea that it is connected with the implementation period. Can it mean "extension of the project implementation period by an indefinite time", an indefinite delay in implementation? What puzzles me most is the word 'exploration', why is it used here? :-S

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    Re: slowdown by indefinite exploration (?)

    slowdown by indefinite exploration (?)
    More context would be better, but just from this it appears that there are various types of explorations, and that indefinite exploration is one undesireable type due to the extra time involved.

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    Re: slowdown by indefinite exploration (?)

    yea we need more context! haha

    in regards to the project's risk, my guess is that the projects risks being slowed down to the point of not reaching its goal due to an excessive research period with no known or yet decided end.

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    Re: slowdown by indefinite exploration (?)

    I wish I had more context myself, people ;-(

    Unfortunately I do not, it's just the name of the project and its brief description, inlcuding the list of the risks that may arise during its implementation. There's no other risk mentioned, that would be connected with some sort of delays, that's why I just thought that may be 'exploration' here can mean 'a time period'. The project is an IT one , and I had never heard 'exploration' used in the context of information technology - that's quite strange. Well I guess exploration can mean 'research' , but it is still weird why it is indefinite

    Thanks for you help, friends.

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    Re: slowdown by indefinite exploration (?)

    IT projects always run over deadlines.

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    Re: slowdown by indefinite exploration (?)


    I believe Borat has hit the nail on the head. I'm an engineer and am often involved in projects requiring the "exploration" of various options - if the options are many and complex then it becomes necessary to somehow curtail the "exploration" period by somehow applying the law of diminishing returns to the potential benefits. It can be tricky, though, hence the recognition as a possible risk.


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    Re: slowdown by indefinite exploration (?)

    Thanks a million, guys!

    Your explanations were all very helpful for me, as I have to deal with all sorts of project decriptions very often - and I can say it's not only IT projects that fail to meet the deadlines

    Thanks again


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