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    Do they sound OK ?

    Again, please make them sound OK to native speakers. Thank you, teacher !!!

    BTW, if you replace any words in my sentences with your own words, please explain why you use and why I can't use the original words.

    Due to some discrepancy in various reports, inspectors suspected that some figures had been distorted in favour of the company.

    The rights for foreign investors in Viet Nam are enshrined in the newly-amended Investment Law, which has just been ratified at the beginning of this month by the National Assembly.

    After losing the important match, the kids came home with faces painted with sadness and despair. Their chance to enter the semi-final round is likely to wither away.

    After studying some perceptions that many people got, he finds most of them biased and one-sided.

    After successive unsuccessful negotiations with the rebels, the hope for a cease-fire agreement and peace rehabilitation seems to be bleaker than ever.

    The more I grow up, the more I realized that I have been (.1.) with such utopian theories that attempted to deceive people with theirs (.2.) words.

    Please help me find the two words:
    (.1.) - a verb - try to make somebody believe firmly on something (like being brain - washed and fill the brain with something)
    (.2.) - an adjective - unreasonably positive or trying to draw an utterly good prospect about something

    Can I use "A - prefered" to describe someone who prefer A to B,C,D.... ? (like "cake-prefered" , "money-prefered")
    Can I use "A - favoured" to describe someone doing things in favour of A ?
    Please help me with any materials that teach me how to establish such words, like hot-blooded, one-eyed, light-hearted, block-headed,......

    That's all, I am sorry for asking too much
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    Re: Do they sound OK ?

    BTW, please give me such a general name to those words (hot-blooded, one-eyed, light-hearted, block-headed...) so that I can google them, teachers !!!

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    Re: Do they sound OK ?

    Please help me, teachers !!! Where have you gone ?

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    Re: Do they sound OK ?

    Due to some discrepancy- It should either be 'a discrepancy' or some discrepancies
    which has just been ratified- was ratified
    that many people got- have
    the more I realized- realize or have realised
    1 been taken in by
    2 their positive spin
    cake preferred- no
    favoured- hmm- how about 'on behalf of'

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    Re: Do they sound OK ?

    Thank you, tdol !!!
    But I am not convinced that my sentences really sound OK to native speakers, (not just being correct grammatically). Moreover, I still don't know how to establish those adjectives. PLease help me out !!!

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    Re: Do they sound OK ?

    What do you mean by establishing those adjectives? Apart from the use of the hyphen, there aren't any rules about them- they are based on meaning, so they will vary from case to case- in the first, we asssociate heat with passion and emotion, which is why we say 'hot-blooded', but we also have 'red-blooded', usually used to describe males and implying a sexual nature. You can be 'pig-headed'- the pig is generally used negatively in English, etc. These are derived from our atitudes, but one-eyed is imply maths. I'm not sure what you're looking for.

    PS I'd change the third to something like 'the kids went home looking gloomy after losing the match'.
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    Re: Do they sound OK ?

    So, the formula may be : <noun> + <hyphen> + <Verb with "ed"> (or past participle) = adjective, why can't I use "A-prefered" ?

    And what is the formula for "user-friendly" or "well-prepared" ? Can we have "well-beaten", "well-arranged", "rapidly-grown" ? They all are formed by the formula "adverb - P.P"

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