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    Wink What idiom or phrase or slang or saying can describe "to do evil" metaphorically?

    I mean "to do evil or to do all kinds bad deeds or acts."

    Very appreciate your answer.
    Michael from China.

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    Re: What idiom or phrase or slang or saying can describe "to do evil" metaphorically?

    Maybe You shoud describe your sentence more detail to find it out. To know where this will lead ?
    But if it is just idioms about evil I have ever heard some.

    “No rest for the wicked”
    It means that people who are bad and do terrible things wont find peace and rest in life. This could be because they are constantly having to run from people who want to bring them to justice, or maybe because their conscience is always bothering them and making them feel bad.

    “to give someone the evil eye”
    It means kind of look that you give to someone in a way that shows you are unhappy or angry with them.

    “A necessary evil”
    A necessary evil is something which may not seem like a good idea but will, in the end, bring about change for the better. For example, you are playing basketball and there is one player your friend hates, but you know they are very good at the game, you can tell your friend “I know you hate him, but he’s necessary evil, with him on our team we can’t lose!”

    Hope it could help

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