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    Smile ?Sentence Patterns?

    Der Teacher,
    We have a new lesson at school. Its about sentence patterns. It's something like this S-LV-DO etc.. I'm having problems understanding it. They said that S stands for subject, LV- linking verb and DO as the direct object. I cant understand the lesson properly. I need your help teacher pls. he even told us to research on it but I cant find anything on the internet. My classmates also told to reasearch about Linking Verbs and Transitive Verbs. Please help me. I cant really understand this one.

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    Red face Re: ?Sentence Patterns?

    Hi Rannma,
    Try looking on and entering 'English sentence patterns' - I found lots of sites that should be of help. Some of them have online exercises as well.
    There are many different terms used, but basically they mean subject (the active person or thing in the sentence), verb (the action that is being carried out) and object (the person or thing that the verb is acting upon). For example, Jane (suject) ate (verb) the cake (object). The subject-verb-object pattern is one of the most basic sentence patterns in English.
    I'm not too sure what is meant by 'linking verbs', but 'transitive verbs' are verbs that require an object - I prefer coffee - you cannot say 'I prefer'.
    Hope this is of help,

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    Re: ?Sentence Patterns?

    Linking verbs, or copular verbs, link the subject to an adjective:
    He is fat
    She looks tired

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