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    participle (4 questions)

    1. Located in Central America, the country of Honduras is covered in mountains.

    Q1) Can it be understood like this? The country of Honduras is located in Central America, and it(the country of Honduras) is covered in mountains.

    2. Its population is fairly small, considering its size.

    Q2) Is it interpreted something like this? Its population is fairly small when we consider its size.

    3. In 1954, workers went on strike, reducing the political power of the United Fruit Company.

    Q3) Can it be understood like this? "In 1954, workers..., which reduced ....?" or "In 1954, workers..., and they(workers) reduced ....?"

    4. Related to the bear, the raccoon looks very similar to its larger cousin.

    Q4) Can it be understood like this? "Because/since/as it(the raccoon) is related to..., the raccoon....?"

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    Re: participle (4 questions)

    Yes to all.

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