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    so + adjective + that

    Is it possible to use strong adjectives (e.g. filthy, hideous, wonderful, terrible etc…….) in the “so + adjective + that” structure or do we necessarily need to use normal adjectives (e.g. dirty, ugly, bad and so on)

    The film was so awful that……………… OR
    The film was so bad that…………………

    If not, is that because “so” functions like “very”?

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    Re: so + adjective + that


    the construction "so + adjective + that" is perfectly OK for the adjectives you quote.

    So does function as very, therefore you would need to be careful when using
    the structure with absolute adjectives, for example: -

    "so unique that" may be somewhat incorrect, though it's a fine point.

    Perhaps someone with more formal knowledge than I can advise?


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    Re: so + adjective + that

    I agree- it's hard to use the structure with non-gradable adjectives like 'unique'. however I did see someone say that if you saw two unicorns, they would still make them pretty unique, which i thought was quite a good point.

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    Talking Re: so + adjective + that

    "if you saw two unicorns, they would still make them pretty unique"

    with "pretty" functioning as "almost" - don't have a problem with that!!


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