Many people around the world are moving toward using debit and credit cards (collectively referred to as an electronic funds transfer system or EFT) instead of banknotes to pay for things. Carrying money electronically has more benefits than carrying money as banknotes. Do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays, people would rather to carrying their money through a safely, easily and reliable way. With regards to a lot of problems carrying banknotes might be has, using debit and credit cards is makes sense. EFT provide easier and more safety approach to transfer money for financial activities. The reasons will be discussed in this essay.
First of all, people prefer to buy everything in the easiest way. For instance, they like to buy everything they need by EFT through searching into wide various websites which presented them. It is the easiest way to shopping these days and it will be replaced with traditional approaches gradually. Thus, transfer money without great effort is one of the most important advantages of using EFT compare with banknotes.
On the other hand, individuals are often worried about stealing money. For example, in many countries when persons go to the banks and withdraw a lot of money from their accounts, they will be concerned about burglary when they want come back to their home or office. For years, it was thought to find a solution for this issue. Finally, by invention of EFT, people are able to carrying their money whenever and wherever they want without anxiety.
In conclusion, applying EFT has helped individuals to transfer money and buy anything they need at any time they want. Moreover, using EFT has more other benefits in comparison to carrying banknotes, such as save timing and money, less traffic on the roads and subsequently less pollution in cities. It is assumed EFT usage will be promoted more than now, into the near future.