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    Why Though?

    Dear teacher,

    I thought either although or though were synonims and could be used in the beginning of sentences. In your site, though, the correct answer for question 4 of the quiz on conjunctions is only "though".

    Can you explain the why "although" is not an option here?

    Q4 - ____ she didn't like it, I enjoyed it a lot.
    Either could be used here.



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    Re: Why Though?

    It's a mistake on our part- sorry for that. There are times when they can't be used synonymously, though. (In this sentence, I have used 'though' in end position without a meaning similar to 'however'- you couldn't replace it with 'although')

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    Re: Why Though?


    "There are times when they can't be used synonymously, though."

    I'm not sure that there isn't a meaning of however here..........

    You're right to say that it wouldn't be correct to use although at the end of this sentence, but I don't know why - it just wouldn't sound right to me.

    How about -

    There are times, although, when they can't be used synonymously.


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    Re: Why Though?

    In addition, historically, the adverb all was used with the conjunction "though", and often the order was reversed, producing "all though", later "although", originally an emphatic form of though. Source:

    "although" and "though" are often used interchangeably as a subordinating conjunction, but The Keables Guide (to Good Writing)recommends using "although" or "even though" as a [subordinating] conjunction and "though" as a transitional adverb set off by commas:

    EX: Although it rained, we went on with our plans.
    EX: The rain made it miserable, though, and we regretted our decision.



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