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    appoint or appointed

    The following is from a newspaper report kindly let me know if it should be appoint or appointed

    "Neither did the contractor appoint security guards nor did he put up a fence despite the fact that the work had been going on at the site for the last few years."

    Also kindly let me know i using appointed will be wrong?


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    Re: appoint or appointed

    'Appoint' is correct, 'appointed' is wrong.

    The contractor did not appointed security guards.

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    Re: appoint or appointed

    ***** NOT A TEACHER *****

    Hello, new2grammar:

    English is a very difficult language, but occasionally there are some easy aspects.

    If you will just remember this rule, you will NEVER make the same mistake again:

    After do/does/did, you ALWAYS (no exceptions) use the so-called base form (the form of the verb that you search

    for in a dictionary).


    Neither did the contractor eat ice cream nor did he drink beer despite the fact that his friends urged him to.

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