Hi i am Naina, i am a student and i have written a reflective essay but no one is here to help me. My professor said that i have style problem in my essay which a native speaker can help me in this...Cane anyone please help me out?

Each individual has to scuffle in order to preform batter in English class. We canít accomplish anything desirable unless we make our self-addicted to it. It is human nature that if we want to be something we have to go through its whole proses. No matter what type of writing that we do, whether we are writing an essay in a nursing class or an essay for a literature class, we go through many difficulties. If we rehearsal it daily, we will be a good writer. In my EN 101A class I learned a lot about writing. We operated on diverse things but I am going to talk about some predominant strategies in which my writing skills have developed this semester.

The first thing which I learned in this course was how to respond to an article in various ways. Our professor recommends us to read an article from a newspaper online and respond to it by choosing one particular idea which we are not agree with. This exercise helped me a lot to think about a specific idea to respond to. When I read the article first time I was confuse that how to pick my point from this article since this article is talking about different topics. However, my professor told me that I do not have to respond to the whole article, because a newspaper article has a big group of audience. Then I understood that I have to choose my specific audience whom I can respond to. Therefore, I learned how to change the mind of my audience through the argument of my topic.

The second thing I learned in this class was that how to choose my audience. Usually we pick an article and respond to it in class. Then we respond the same article by choosing another audience as take home essay. I learned that I can choose my audience in four particular ways. First one was Overlap audience. In this we have to make sure that the argument actually changes to address new audience. The second way was Separate Audience or New Audience. In this we have to define an audience that is completely distinct from our old one. The third way was Subset Audience which was the best way for my level. In this case we have to narrow down our audience and be more specific; such as, what kind of group, what age, what gender, and their likes and dislikes. The forth way was Inclusive Audience in which our professor told us to avoid it. In this way we have to be more general to pick our audience which was hard for us to talk to a big group of people. Therefore I stick to the third way of my take-home essay in which I talked to a specific group of people. Moreover, I didnít change my audience in whole essay. This is a great improvement in which I see in myself because I didnít know anything about how to pick my audience and convince them that my thesis is true.

The third thing which I think I made a great improvement is how to support my thesis. In this course I erudite gradually that how to provide a good argument and good evidence. I acknowledged which evidence I should provide to convince my audience that my thesis is true. I used library database as my evidences along with citation in order to make my reader easily cite and look at the original article which supports my claim. It was little challenging to find a library source related to my idea but it was not intolerable. This library database made my argument stronger and my reader claimed it to be true.

Last but not least, I still have to improve myself in writing. So for what I have been taught, I still need to work more on style (word choice). On the other hand, I learned so much in this class and I believe I can write much batter then before. I am sure that I am ready to move on for next level. Working hard and setting my full effort, I have achieved how to support and develop a strong argument through batter writing to persuade my audience towards the topic.