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    simple/basic/elementary health care

    "They train people to provide................. health care"
    A. Elementary
    B. Basic
    C. Simple

    The answer here is C but I think the rest of the answers are equally correct. Tell me why can't I choose them?

    Note: This was taken from the "CARE" part of this essay right here, just in case you guys want to know the context:

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    Re: simple/basic/elementary health care

    'Simple' is the word used in the link.

    The others are also correct.

    Note that '
    Tell me why can't I choose them'
    is not a question, so it needs a full stop

    The word 'please' at the beginning or end would make it sound like a request rather than a command.

    It's infuriating how this thing sometimes starts a new line in all the wrong places, despite how many times you try to edit your text. It makes us look stupid.


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