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    Cool one-man shows don't at all resemble the character....

    An actor is hired because in real life he has passed through the same experiences as his character. Moreover, in recent past, he read in public the play the movie is based on. And after this explanation, this cryptic sentence follows (as a movie director's reflection):

    "Even if his one-man shows don't at all resemble the character in the film, he has a sensitivity and intelligence that greatly interested me"

    For me, the problem is the way to understand the words "shows" and "one-man".

    Is it the third person to verb "to show", which is not much probable?

    Is it the plural of the word "show"?

    Is "one-man" referring to the kind of shows with a unique thesp this actor may play?

    Or perhaps these "shows" are referring to the reading of the play inspiring the movie? I think this is not probable either because in the text it is only made a referrence to a unique reading.

    But then, what I don't quite understand either is what has to do his "shows", whatever they are, with the character he is about to play?

    Perhaps is the director reflecting about the fact that his shows are quite different to the essence of the movie character, but that's not a problem because what he is interested about is his sensitivity and intelligence?

    Problem also is that in the text it doesn't exist any other reference about the nature of his shows as "one-man" ones.

    Thanks for your help

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    Re: one-man shows don't at all resemble the character....

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