Hello, i've done this cover letter for a master's application, i could use some advice in redaction, if the letter it's actually covering good points that my interest the reader, if its a good candidate letter or just like random , and if its too long.

Thanks to anyone that may help me.

Dear Sir/Madam:
Im writing in order to apply to the English-LANGUAGE STUDY PROGRAMME IN MEDIA ART AND DESIGN (MAD), MASTER OF FINE ARTS for fall 2012. I am a second year post-graduate student of the faculty of architecture and design at Los Andes University (Colombia), which I graduated from in 2010 with the Degree of Designer.

Through my short career I have had the possibility to construct parallel projects based on different interests, as industrial design, illustration, art direction and literature. I have come to a need of continuing my studies to consolidate all these elements in a complete project, which allows me to expand my knowledge and abilities in behalf of my professional career plans.

There are several goals, which Id like to achieve through participating in this master program. My primary is the gain of experience from the long art and design tradition of the university, along with the enrichment of my creative and academic further works. I think around this objective plays a key role the people involved in this process, both students and teachers, that I believe will broaden my scope and horizon of expression.

The second strongest benefit of the program is the possibility for me to develop a project in which I can complement design with other subjects. Making use of a previous experience in my thesis project, on the usages of literature in the production of design, I wish to gain and develop more tools and skills that I can use in the construction of a fiction inside which, I desire to explore themes in literature. Aiming to construct such a fiction in a graphic and design communication media work.

I believe that design is one of the most important disciplines in todays world, with an unlimited field of action, and able to deliver ideas to our everyday world, Ideas that requires structuration and experience to be carried out; for me its important to learn the methods and characteristics given in the master program and in the Bauhaus University, to be able to share them as guidelines and benchmarks in my subsequent career in design education in Colombia and in my own projects.

In conclusion in the master (MAD) I find the perfect space for me to amplify my skills, develop a project, gain experience, and learn from another system of education. Im sure that taking part in this program will substantially enlarge my educational background and can be used to make an excellent career and to successful contribute to the Colombian development of design.

I trust that my education and particular interests can contribute to the course.

I hope that you will consider my application and view me as a favorable candidate for this program.