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    Economics/economic terms

    Dear teachers

    For those terms and words in economics, shall I say they are economic/economics terms? Because I found that in The Economist, they use "economics terms", while Economics Wisconsin, they use "economic terms".

    Economist: economics terms
    Economics A-Z terms beginning with A | The Economist

    Economics Wisconsin: economic terms
    Glossary of Economic Terms and Concepts

    Anthony the learner

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    Re: Economics/economic terms

    [AmE - not a teacher]

    To me, "Economics" is "the study of", and therefore "Economics terms" are the jargon associated with the area of study. "Economic terms" are terms associated with anything "Economic". It would be like saying

    Dentistry terms.
    Dental terms.

    Does that help?

    (I also think you may be reading too much in to two examples.)

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