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    How to improve the ability of writing an essay ?

    I'm a new learner of English language , I've been learning English since 2010 .
    I've sat at the IELTS test twice and both scores were 5.5 band .
    I'm really enthusiastic to become a professional writer of English language , and I don't know what to do to do. so far , I'm doing self-study . So I'm in need for a method which will help me develop my skill of writing .

    It's really a pleasure to be one of your sincere members ...@

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    Re: How to improve the ability of writing an essay ?

    I'm not a teacher!

    Do you know what learning by doing means? In this case it means you can improve your writing skills by 'doing writing'. Write something! Letters, emails, questions on

    BTW there is no writing possible without reading! Read books, newspapers, topics on Read a lot! By reading notice not only the words but also the word-combinations and the whole sentences which you can use latter writing your own something.

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