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    Edit My Teacher's Day Speech

    I wrote the following speech for the Teacher's Day. Please edit my script if there are errors. Thank you.

    All praise and glory be to the Almighty God for showering his blessings on us.

    On behalf of the School Management Board, I would like to wish all teachers in SMK St. Joseph a Happy Teacher’s Day. Without you all, we would not have been what we are today.

    My dear students, teachers play an important role in nation building. They contribute to the development of human capital by equipping you with professional acumen and technological ingenuity which are the key ingredients for making Malaysia a developed country by year 2020. Teachers are also the engineers of human souls. They teach you right from wrong through the inculcation of noble values in your lives. They are as loving and caring as your parents. Their ultimate goal in life is to nurture you into physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually balanced beings. In their eyes, you are unique in your own right.

    My dear teachers, kudos to you for educating the students with dedication. Through your tireless effort, they not only acquire the wisdom of knowledge but also become more wholesome in character. You are indeed the catalysts of transformation. Like a candle, you burn yourself out to give us light. Your hard work and sacrifice will always be remembered. Although teaching has become more challenging in this era, I believe you can cope well with the situation with your selfless, resilient and unyielding spirit. Keep a strong faith in God and He will show you the way.

    Once again, I would like to wish every teacher a Happy Teacher’s Day. May you achieve personal and professional growths in God’s love. Thank you.
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