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Thread: idea- opinion

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    Smile idea- opinion

    hello ,teacher

    what's the difference between idea and opinion

    - it's my idea
    -it's my opinion

    thanks alot

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    Re: idea- opinion

    Opinion is how you feel about a person or thing, as in:

    "What's your opinion of country music?" (do you like it or dislike it?)
    "What's your opinion of this book?" (was it interesting to read?)

    Idea is a mental process, the result of mental activity, thinking, contemplation, as in:

    "I have a lot of ideas for inventions." (I've thought of many things that don't exist that I'd like to invent)
    "Can you think of any ideas on how to solve this problem?" (This problem has no solution yet, can you think of a plan we could use that might finally solve it?"

    (not a teacher, just a language lover)

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    Re: idea- opinion

    Abtin - this is now your ninth post. On every single one of your last 8 posts you have been asked by one of us to remember to use capital letters and punctuation properly. I can't speak for anyone else but I will not be assisting with any more of your questions until you heed our advice.

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