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    all corporate on us

    Marshall:Okay, one cup. The kid needs to be alert. First day on the job and everything.
    Ted:I still can't believe you're going all corporate on us"The kid" has become "the man."

    Marshall:Okay, it's just an internship to make a little money. After law school, I'm going to work for the NRDC. They're gonna stop global warming.

    'Hi, I can't understand the type of saying like all+adjective+preposition. I mean, I can't understand why 'all' is there and why the adjective 'corporate' follow 'all'. I think this is a type of speaking which native speakers use a lot, but in my grammar state, I can't understand. Could you explain please?

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    Re: all corporate on us

    It means he is going to transform into a 9-to-5 office worker type of guy.

    Yes, "all ___ on us" is a slang sort of expression.

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