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    functions of language

    I have an assingment about functions of linguistics but i couldn't find enough information on the net. If you have link or knowledge abour that subject, can you send?

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    Re: functions of language

    If you are referring to functions in language, then try here to start:

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    Re: functions of language

    hi tdol
    thank you for your help but i m searching about the functions of language.
    that is to say,what are the fuctions of language except for communication.
    for example physiological function provides us to reflect our emotions or recording function helps us to record our past experiences and so on.
    the functions of language is divided into two as micro and macro functions.
    i m focusing on these.
    i think i could explain. thanks :)

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    Dark Angel. Language's prime function is communication. You would still be communicating if you were explaining how you felt, as you would by writing something down that told people about an event that took place.

    As far as I can see, language is a function of expression and nothing else.

    Having said that, please expand on micro and macro functions.

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    Re: functions of language

    I think that you are requesting the functions of language according to the context that it represents.
    So, actually I can just give you titles.
    1- Physiological function
    2- Phatic function.
    3- Recording function.
    4- Identifying function.
    5- Reasoning function.
    6- Pleasure function.
    7- Ideational function.
    8- Interpersonal function.
    9- textual function.
    May these help you searching more !

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    Smile Re: functions of language

    THE VERY TERM FUNCTIONS OF LANGUAGE DENOTE, THE TERMS WE USE FOR THE APPLICATION OF LANGUAGE,for example ,in english language we use, conjunctions like but, yet, however, despite to compare or to contrast the sentences.example though it rained heavily the players played,here though actsas a word to give contrasting meaning like this in english language we are having so many functionsas:

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    Re: functions of language

    hi dark angel!
    there are two main functions of language
    i) micro function
    ii) macro function
    micro functions include:
    a) the release nervous/ physical energy
    b) for purpose of sociability
    c) to provide record
    d) to identify and classify things
    e) as an instru,ent of thought
    f) as a means of communicating ideas and feelings
    g) to give delight
    macro functions includes
    a) the ideational function
    b) the interpersonal function
    c) the poetic function
    d) the textual function
    details are in geoffery finch book 2nd edition
    hope this information will be of great help

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    Re: functions of language

    Quote Originally Posted by Tdol View Post
    If you are referring to functions in language, then try here to start:
    The notional / functional approach to language syllabus design
    Great website! Thank you!

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