Hey all, I mentioned in another thread I had that this moment in time was coming :)

Basically, I'm in the process of doing a fairly significant part of my first year at Uni. This particular essay accounts for 40% of my semester grade. I have not done much work on essays. The Lecturers did not assist us in writing before giving us our first assessment tasks, so we have had to learn along the way. On my first submitted essay I got a 12/20 mark....... But i want to try and get higher this time. Last essay grammar was reasonable etc, the only problem I had was that apparently the essay didnt flow. IE too many ideas.

So I'm wondering if somebody would be kind enough to read over these couple of paragraphs and give me any suggestions in regards to them. Only about 500 words to read though (Intro and 1st paragraph)

Would much appreciate it if you could :)



The Miller’s Tale and The General Prologue is a small section of Geoffrey Chaucer’s complete work, The Canterbury Tales. It is assumed that The Canterbury Tales continues on from The General Prologue; however the tales were said to have been a series of stories written on the way to Canterbury, including over 120 stories, counting 4 stories for each pilgrim, however Chaucer only completed 22. (Nortons) In this essay, 6 characters will be analyzed based upon how Chaucer decided to portray them. In the poems The General Prologue and The Miller’s Tale, Geoffrey Chaucer uses a complex style to intensely describe the characters in the poems, providing an in depth description about the attire of the characters creating strong personalities for each disposition. Chaucer uses a string of strong terms to describe and give the reader a vivid mental image of each of his characters, displaying numerous personality traits for each character, such as jealousy, comfort, and over compensation by lavishing themselves in superfluous riches.

1st paragraph

The General prologue is said to begin the story of The Miller’s Tale, giving a very descriptive background of each character in a short span, but with great explanation. The Prioress depiction ranges from lines 118 to 162 giving great detail along the way of her looks and temperament, including the most basic features and emotions. Chaucer writes of her in a neutral tone, describing how a woman is to act, but how she as a nun does not, taking profit of objects and items that seem inappropriate for a nun when it is expected of them to give up all of their worldly possessions and surrender all items to the church. “A peire of bedes, gauded al with grene, An theron heng a brooch of gold ful sheene,” (Nortons, Line 160-161) Chaucer writes of The Prioress as a person taking advantage of her situation, showing that she has access to plenty of food which seems to be a main describing point for Chaucer, as he discusses through many lines the attributes that are due to her well fed stature. “For, hardily, she was nat undergrowe.” (Nortons, Line 156) He describes her attire in a small section, mostly on how well she is presented in clothes that would not be seen on a nun of the time. “Of smale houndes hadde she, that she fedde With rosted flessh, or milk and wastel-breed.” (Nortons, Line 146-147) Through Chaucer’s description an image of a well fed and pompous character is presented, with a cold and hard personality “hir eyen greye as glas” (Nortons, Line 152), with attributes that may make her seem gentle and kind. “Hir mouth ful smal, and therto softe and reed;” (Nortons, Line 154) Through the descriptions of her image, you are able to picture a character closer to Royalty than a Nun of the Clergy, with descriptions close enough to fit a noblewoman of the era. “And peyned hir to countrefete cheere Of court, and been estatlich of manere,” (Nortons, Line 139-140)

Again, thanks to anybody who can/wants to take their time to read over this for me :)