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    While, as soon as, before, after (Conjunction words)

    The following conjunction words of time are used in a complex sentence.

    What is a complex sentence?

    A complex sentence has a dependent clause and an independent clause. Look at the following complex sentences. The first sentence is called “dependent clause” and the second sentence is called “independent clause”. The first clause is started with one of conjunctions of time and both of sentences are separated with comma.


    Dependent clause Independent clause

    1- While student were working on their computer, the electricity went out.
    2- As soon as you hear any news, will you let me know?
    3- Before I eat my meal, I will wash my hands
    4- After I finished my work, I watched TV.

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    Re: While, as soon as, before, after (Conjunction words)

    Have you a question?

    This is the second list you have posted without a question. We like to help when we can, but we can't help if you don't tell us what you want.

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