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    Statement of Purpose, help

    Hi guys,

    I would appreciate any help, with English and also concerning the SOP technique. It is short letter (500 words) and I don't write about my previous experience (in the application pack there is a separate place for it). Its application to UK University, for molecular biology PhD program. I really need your help!
    "Molecular biology asks so many questions. Without answers we will never be able to profoundly understand human biology and be able to prevent failures which surface as various diseases. Within the molecular biology in turn, technology and very sole cunning of human mind are the tools which provide us with the answers. Those two features in combination with my constant curiosity and persistence have led me to excel in the molecular biology methods, knowledge and thinking patterns which describe a bona fide scientist. I believe that your PhD program apart from providing me with possibility to develop will be an exquisite beginning of the next forty years of my life.

    My interest in the molecular biology developed very late, almost too late. Because I had never had a highly educated or ambitious environment it literally has shaken my life. My way to this point in time was long and demanding, but the final was the most rewarding feeling in my life. I am now 25 years old with excellent four years laboratory practice in molecular biology supported by a co-authorship of a paper published in EMBO journal. I have graduated at the July of 2011 with highest distinction Master diploma in Molecular Biology from University......

    Although I do not have any laboratory experience in cancer or pathogens related research it was always my goal to work on the subject which is of great significance for medicine and human health. In particular, autoimmunity diseases and pathogen-host interactions which often lead to different disease patterns, both highlighting meaning of the specific host for progression of disease and final outcome are absorbing subjects of study. I am also interested in research concentrating on viruses which are alone intriguing organisms and their stunning space economy which is clearly visible on the example of frameshifting or readthrough mechanisms. Biochemical and structural analyses of proteins were a huge part of my main scientific project in the laboratory of Dr XX, therefore it is a point were my interests and experience meet. Subject of natively disordered proteins and its impact on human health, especially for the neurodegenerative diseases is very fast developing area of study. I was amazed by the extend of physiological significance of this proteins to higher eukaryotes and by the matter being often omitted in education programs in favor of obsolete Christian Anfinsen's dogma “function equals structure”.

    I have many scientific interest and I would like to investigate each of them profoundly before I made decision in which specific area to pursue my PhD. Although I know it is possible to some extend only I trust that your program in XX may be an excellent tool to acquire wide knowledge and skills in different areas of research before committing to one in particular. On the other hand I believe that my skills, experience and professional attitude will be of benefit for X University."

    Thanks again :)
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